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photo by: Katarzyna Bożyk



Kris Krol grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada painting pictures with words on paper, and documenting his surroundings with a variety of cameras. He started in film in 2000 with acting and working as a helping hand on low-budget independent productions. Kris hungered for knowledge and experience; he wanted to immerse himself in filmmaking. His duties on set increased and diversified, he was following the Robert Rodriguez motto for filmmaking: learn-by-doing. He started writing scripts, doing extensive research, taking editing courses, attending writing seminars, and in 2004 he founded his very own production company: Raging Buddha Media.

In his 12 years in the indie scene in Edmonton, Kris’ resume included acting in three independent features (i.e., Lyrics to Dying (2001); Reroute (2004) for late director Kenneth Barr; cinematography on the short film “October 4th” (Official Selection of Edmonton International Film Festival 2006) by Alykhan Gulamani for Maktub Films; working the camera on numerous live music shoots with Shane William Carr's 9th Haven Productions; directing an eco-reality TV pilot for Active Citizens Television (ACTV); and he produced, wrote & directed several short films including The Box (2009) & H1Z1 (2010) that premiered at DEDfest: International Genre Film Festival in 2010. Kris also co-founded Art Jam (an artist collective) in 2010, with the purpose of inspiring, mentoring, and helping to showcase artistic creations in a mash-up of mediums through various events, while building a stronger community of emerging artists in Edmonton.

Shortly after wrapping up principal photography on the narrative short film “Cole” in the summer of 2012, Kris set out to explore Europe and to reconnect with his roots and family in Poland. The following year in his hometown of Warsaw was a busy time for Kris: he had a stint working camera for a Polish television station, worked extensively with photographer / filmmaker Aleksander Hipsz aka Vittorio Roma (i.e., Studio Vittorio, Roma Was Here), made some TV and film acting appearances - most notably in Jack Strong (2013). Kris also began a documentary film project about personal recollections of the German occupation in Warsaw during WWII and the subsequent Warsaw Uprising. In late summer of 2013, Kris shifted his journey to Stockholm, Sweden moving in with his girlfriend: fashion designer Annika Lunneskog. He continued his work in film, video, photography and got involved in fashion, but after three years in Stockholm, the creative duo shifted its focus to London, UK - where they presently reside.

Kris maintains close ties with colleagues and collaborators in Canada, Poland, Sweden, and across the globe, however Kris says he wanted to relocate to a fast-paced, challenging, and most-importantly creative hub like London. He remains tight-lipped about his big plans however, yet does reveal that ultimately his goal is: to create socially conscious films with a message of a need for change in the world; to continue collaborating and bringing together various artistic mediums and formats; while maintaining integrity, honesty, and pushing the creative boundaries through innovation. Kris adds that his works are, "not confined to any specific genre or style, rather preferring to constantly grow, experiment, and evolve."