- a portfolio -

"I have always greatly enjoyed the way the world looked through a lens, and I often captured the images I so enjoyed, be it by means of using a photo camera or a video camera. I would like to share with you some samples of my work. I hope you enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me.

A creative turning point on the path of life allowed me to discover my life's passion: filmmaking. Be it by chance or design, said passion coincided with my favorite way to perceive the world around me, as well as the way I chose to express myself and my ideas. 

Though my academic life turned my attention to the inner self in psychology and the outer social world through sociology,  my film and photo life developed through what I like to call the Robert Rodriguez school. In other words, I am in most part self-taught, but more accurately I learned by doing & experiencing first hand..."  - Kris Krol

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